How to Cook Stone Crab


Stone Crab
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Stone crab is only sold as claws. The fishermen twist off the largest claw and return the live crab to the water where it will re-grow the claw. The claws are cooked immediately and frozen. This helps preserve the claw and helps prevent the meat from sticking to the shell. The claws are sold by weight. Medium are 5-8 claws per pound, large are 3-5 per pound, jumbo 3 per pound and colossal are 1-2 per pound. When a stone crab molts it takes a few weeks for the shell to harden and the meat to grow, to fill the shell. If these claws are put in water they will float to the top, thus the name floaters. These claws are not as full of meat and should be labeled and sold for a cheaper price. Stone crab is best baked, steamed or grilled.


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Place the claws in a large shallow pan. A sheet pan can be used. Try not to stack the claws if you don’t have to. It’s better to lay them flat. Place enough hot water in the pan to cover the bottom. Wrap the pan tight with aluminum foil.
Bake the crab for 8-10 minutes.
Check to see if they are hot enough. Remember, they are already fully cooked and you are just heating them up. You do not want to overcook them, they can get tough and lose flavor. It’s better to have them a little cool than overcooked.


Place about 2 cups of water in a steaming pot. You can use a colander in a large pot if you can keep the colander and the crab above the water. Bring the water to a boil and put the crab in. Cover the pot and steam for 10 minutes. When you start to smell the crab cooking it should be done.


Spread olive oil on the claws and put them on a medium heat grill. On a gas grill this should be about 300-325 degrees.
Grill them about 5 minutes on each side.


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