Jonah crab
jkirkhart35 / Foter / CC BY

JONAH CRAB can be found from Nova Scotia to Florida on the Atlantic coast. It has a brick red to purplish top shell with a yellow belly. They average about 1 pound but can grow to 1 ¾ pounds and over 7 inches wide. It is a deep water crab which was once a throw away for people fishing for lobsters. Today because of its taste and the decreasing population of other crabs, the Jonah is becoming much more popular. Jonahs are a close relative to rock crabs although they are bigger and have larger claws. They are similar in shape to Dungeness crab. Like the Dungeness crab they have an  oval shell, although they have much larger claws and meat that is denser. The Jonah are also known as Atlantic Dungeness . For ways to cook Jonah crab see( how to cook Jonah crab)

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